2nd Agricoliga Tournament - Corbarius

Because of the CoVid-19 situation:

- Maximum 10 tournament players!

- Written registrations are required!

- Maximum 4 people at the same table

- Only every second table can be used

- Social-distancing rules apply


Welcome to our Agricoliga tournament!

We invite all of you to our game tournament
for which you can register until 8 July 2020.
Leave a comment, contact +43 677 61833040,
or send an e-mail to dennis_rappel@gmx.at

The entry fee is EUR 3,00.

All participants receive special certificates
and the best players get tournament prizes
sponsored by Lookout Games. Thank you!

The tournament starts on Sat, 11 July 2020
at exactly 10.00 am at WoW-Keepers Club:

Holochergasse 53
1150 Wien

All participants play 3 rounds of Agricola
with the game's "Revised Edition" (2016)
using Li Kuang Ches official draft variant
of 8 occupations + 8 improvements each
from the 120-card "C" (Corbarius) Deck.

Games are played at 3- or 4-player-tables
using DGT Timer Cubes for time-keeping.
Tables have 30 minutes for card drafting,
each player has 30 minutes for the game.

Tournament evaluation and final placings
will be determined by tournament points.

For any questions, feedback or registrations
leave a comment, contact +43 677 61833040,
or e-mail me at dennis_rappel@gmx.at

We are looking forward to you!

Best regards,
Dennis Rappel



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