LUZ (post Jazz)

[Post Jazz Trio from Italy]

Giacomo Ancillotto: guitar
Igor Legari: double bass
Federico Leo: drums

"I once read that our Sages of Blessed Memory had the idea that we have one tiny bone in the body, above the end of the spine – they call it the “Luz”. You can’t kill it, it doesn’t crumble after death and can’t be destroyed by fire."
(David Grossman, Be My Knife)

LUZ was born in 2012 as a collaboration between Giacomo Ancillotto (Enrico Rava, Caterina Palazzi quartet – guitar), Igor Legari (Francesco Negro trio – double bass) and Federico Leo (Nidi d’Arac, Bottega Glitzer, Gronge – drums), all members of the improvisation collective FRANCO FERGUSON, based in Rome.
LUZ's debut album “Polemonta” has been released in March 2014 by the italian label AUAND, with the collaboration of cellist Tomeka Reid, one of the most distinctive voices of today’s avantgarde scene in Chicago (Anthony Braxton, Nicole Mitchell, Mike Reed).

LUZ means “light”.
But it’s also the bright kernel that nobody can steal from us, the hardcore of our own existence, the long lasting force that pushes us forward.
In the last two years, LUZ has performed over 120 concerts in 8 different countries in Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and Netherlands), both in clubs and festivals (Jazz al Popolo 2012, NOLEBOL Music Fest 2, Peperoncino Jazz Festival 2012-13-14, Rumori nell’Isola 2012, La Strada in Jazz, Jazzflirt 2013, SoundRes 2013, San Leo Fest 14, Terracina Jazz 14).
LUZ has been broadcasted by several radio stations in Italy and abroad. Their performance at JazzFlirt Festival 2013 has been entirely broadcasted by the prestigious Rai Radio 3 (Italian National Broadcasting Company), and their music it’s been used for several documentaries and films, now on festivals worldwide.
In 2014 "Top Jazz" Critics Poll by the italian magazine "Musica Jazz", LUZ ranked fifth and Polemonta ninth in the "Band Of The Year" and "Best Album Of The Year" categories.


This first LUZ record is similar to a Swiss Army knife, whit everything inside and anything works perfectly
Musica Jazz

I dig that this music is often stripped down yet consistently evokes a different vibe which is usually cinematic in nature.
Downtown Records - NYC

Odd, but strangely compelling recording date from Luz. Some moments of fiery rock ‘n roll, some moments of moody modern jazz, and others with a post-jazz melodic beauty. A modern sort of fusion. Something different.
E Music

When you have the eyes of Europe pointed on you something is changing.
Shuffle Mag

Do you know when the sun begins to appear and fills with light from the window the whole house? Each piece of Luz is like that.
Acidi Viola

Wann: 16.10.2015 20:00:00 Wo: Tunnel , Florianigasse 39, 1080 Wien auf Karte anzeigen

Cafe Tunnel aus Josefstadt


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