Vienna meets ... Rio de Janeiro: Árvore da Vida2030
Review on I Panamerican Modern Dance Congress in Rio de Janeiro 19th-23rd July 2019


Review on I Panamerican Modern Dance Congress in Rio de Janeiro 2019 organised by Ms. Andrea Raw

Choreographical composition of  Ms.Tatjana Christlebauer and final performance of the students Árvore da Vida2030 in which the movement research and the process of composing was initiated by Talk sessions on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, targeting specificly the gender roles and the process of transformation as a “shift of weights” have inspired participants and audiences for further discussions on possible activities in the field of Dance Arts to deliver relevant contribution for the realisation of the UN SDGs.

Examples from fine arts and aviation have been introduced to students as introductory part 
which was followed by practical research and exercises based on articulatory phonetic
and strategic imagination for creation of the movement sequences. Individual work, 
group exercises and worming up in flow to explore the “code_shift” and the translatory process 
of transformation through articulatory phonetic exercises and bodily movement
have increased students experiences.
The final performance of the group in the Centro choreographico Rio de
Janeiro was presented as a part of her performance lecture during the final
closing ceremony of the congress on July23rd, which ended with the tree donation to the
Dance congress organizer Andrea Raw.
Inspired by painting “Moralische Praxis” of the german born artist Schröder Sonnestern,
which have been transformed by Austrian born artist and ecological activist Friedensreich
Hundertwasser, Tatjana Christelbauer have created a new compositon of the art work with the
title Árvore da Vida2030, aiming to address the gender roles and relations as one of the global
issues, transforming the painting into agricultural plane, led by the Brazilian female aviator
Joelize Friedrichs, the only female aviator to be employed by the companies she has worked
The “Tree of life” connects all forms of creation. It is a widespread in the world's mythologies
and relates to the concept of the sacred tree and symbolizes immortality and fertility. The
headless women as a main motive of the original painting have been transformed into
agricultural aircraft for hydrosseding led by female pilot. 

Performance lecture “Árvore da Vida2030” is a part of the ArtImpact2030 initiative which
have been created in 2018 by Tatjana Christelbauer who is the ACD-president and founder.

With codial gratitude to the organisers, participants and all supporters and with special thanks to the Austrian State Cancellery and the Hundertwasser Private foundation, I am grateful for  such opportunity and hope to inspire more artists to connect&act!

Tatjana Christelbauer

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