30.09.2017, 23:23 Uhr

A Trace

Wann? 13.10.2017 20:30 Uhr

Wo? Kulturraum Neruda, Margaretenstraße 38, 1040 Wien AT
Wien: Kulturraum Neruda |

A Trace

A Trace is a Vienna based fusion combo that confronts jazz with ethnical and classical influences, performed with the power of a rock band. Their music is all about telling stories: Some carefully written and patiently refined, some wild and improvised, seizing the moment. Yet, the heart of every story nests an emotion to be set free.

Line Up: Kiara Paloma - Vocals Çağdaş Arsen Gürer - Piano, Synth Michael Auinger - Saxophones Timothy Luger - Electronic Double Bass Georg Hinterberger - Drums&Percussion
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