Report: Vienna meets ... Diplomacy on stage event: Cross-cultural dance ties

ACD – Agency for Cultural Diplomacy DanceArts platform in cooperation with Brazillian Modern Dance Congress have appointed Ms. Andrea Raw, dancer, dance teacher and choreographer from Rio de Janeiro to act as cultural ambassador for ACD – Agency for Cultural Diplomacy dance arts platform, for Brazil.
This event took part on 13th of July 2017, 5pm-7.30 pm in the Raum für Tanz, Neubaugasse 31 Wien 1070.

After introductory speech from Ms. Raw, our guests have participated in the ACD – Dance Ambassadors Award Ceremony. Ms. Raw has been introduced by ACD- president Ms. Tatjana Sehic. Afterwards, Ms. Raw took part in „feather challenge“, an symbolical action which has been created by ACD-president to demonstrate the process of sending and receiving, soft power and interests for cooperation.
In her interview with Ms. Sehic which will be published via ACD-media pages, Ms. Raw have underlined the importance of sustainable work and creation of opportunities, as well as importance of cultural exchange for professional development and network growing across regions.
ACD- Ambassador certificate with two-year free ACD- membership has been presented to Ms. Raw with gifts from the ACD team which contains the multilingual bag from the House of the European Union where ACD team is preparing the project for the European Day of languages in September 2017, a book about Austrian ballett dancer Fanny Elßler written by ACD- fellow Mr. Toni Berlakowich, and information materials about Rosalia Chladek society, whose members are practicing dance education which has been created by austrian modern dance pioneer Rosalia Chladek. Ms. Raw also has brought some gifts from her dance fashion and Modern dance congress (a bag, t-shirt and lyotard) for Ms. Sehic as a sign of aprecciation and gratitude for her Award and as a promotional articles which can raise awareness in Austria about her professional work in Brazil.

Ms. Sehic and Ms. Raw have studied together at the Martha Graham contemporary dance school in New York City. Long term friendship have sustained all geographical distances and years of further professional development. After introductory speech about multilingual dance composition and LiLa dance sullaby on strategic imagination led by Ms. Sehic, participants have joined the lecture demonstration based on modern dance resources, created by American modern dance pioneer, Ms. Martha Graham and led by Ms. Raw. In this way, Art as a common ground for development of cooperations across nations and cultures has been celebrated through active participation.

ACD-ambassador and member, Ehsan Baghaie Heravi have documanted Award ceremony and talk session with his fotocamera and has participated with contribution to multilingual dance composition in his native language.
This event has been spontaniously created as Ms. Raw have expressed wish to visit Vienna on her trip to dance event in Vilapiana, Italy, which is organised by colleague from the Martha Graham contemporary dance school. We could share a frutiful time in Vienna together and visit some places in the evening, such as Burgring, Parlament, Vienna city hall. Ms. Raw have documented her impressions and have shared them via her social media pages with words of gratitude to our team.

ACD-team have also nominated Ms. Bettina Schöber, austrian dancer who currently lives in Abu Dhabi to became ACD- cultural ambassador for dance arts. Due to organisatory resons, Ms. Schöber could not attend event and finish her interview about her intercultural dance experiences. We look forward to next opportunity to welcome Ms. Schöber to our team and to share her story with our members, visitors and audiences.

This initiative has been created by the ACD-president Ms. Sehic with the aim to spotlight relevant examples and raise awareness about professionals from civil society whose engagement has significant impact on improvement of intercultural/internarional relations through cultural exchange and promotion of (inter)cultural knowledge based on professional experiences.
ACD- Ambassadors are active members whose engagement will contribute to wider dissemination of quality informations and experiences from various fields of action, regions and countries and connect people and cultures.

Vienna, 20th July 2017 Tatjana Sehic

Wann: 13.07.2017 17:00:00 Wo: Raum für Tanz, Neubaugasse 31, 1070 Wien auf Karte anzeigen

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