30.10.2017, 08:42 Uhr

English Comedy – Walid Azak – CHAKCHOUKA

Wann? 14.12.2017 19:30 Uhr

Wo? Kulturverein Tschocherl, Wurmsergasse 42, 1150 Wien ATauf Karte anzeigen
Wien: Kulturverein Tschocherl | This is the story of the only french-tunisian banker-rapper-stand up comedian in the World! Walid Azak is one of the top english speaking stand up comedians in Vienna, performing regularly in mixed-shows such as “How to Laugh in English” or “Chuckles Vienna”,who participated in the 2016 “Laugh Factory´s Funniest Person in the World Competition”.

He is performing his one man show “CHAKCHOUKA” in english.

Chakchouka is a tasty tunisian dish, also synonym for “mess”, “chaos” or “mix”, which is exactly what Walid is: French, Tunisian, living in Austria, Banker, Rapper, Comedian, Actor…a very special kind of chakchouka. Walid touches a variety ot topics (from Facebook to Terrorism, Tinder & Trump, Michael Jackson & Brexit), and his extravagance, authenticity, energy, musicality, acting skills, cultural wealth and irresistible french accent have conquered every audience so far!

Do not miss this event!
Einlass: 18:30
Beginn: 19:30
VVK: € 10,-
AK: € 13,-
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