Energie Meditation in der Schwitzhuette

Wann: 12.10.2017 05:00:00 Wo: Salzburg, 5020 Salzburg auf Karte anzeigen

The drum circle takes place on

THURSDAY 12 October 2017 at 7 pm

We will learn the songs in a sweat-house according to the Indian tradition.

drumcircle * drumcircle
shamanic travel in the rhythm of the heart of the mother earth

Shamanic journey and energy meditation in the sweat lodge
Explore the energy of the Shamanian travel meditation.
If you have drum or rattle, please bring along.
Get to know your channel melody and energy.
Find your inner peace and the answers in your life.
The Shamanic journey and energy meditation will lead you to discovery journey,
you will meet your animal and power animal.

Cherokee Ceremony
The North American Indians have a special way of traveling to find your inner self and a spiritual helper who
accompanies you along your path.
This type of Shaman journey can only be made out in nature,
because you need the 4 elements and the fire, as well as the heart beat of the drum.
This is the key to opening the magic, so that people can start a new path of their lives.
Sacred songs in the language of the Cherokees and the Lakota open the spiritual door to the 7 worlds.
This is a special experience.
With the power of the worlds and the fire.
This journey can not take place in enclosed spaces, since we are earth people and need the earth.
Under your feet you can get the power of your ancestors spirits.
For this ceremony, we only use herbs from the North American prairies from the USA.

Date Thursday, October 12 2017 at 19.00

Price: € 30, - service charge (space rental, wood, soup Indian Tradition & drinks)
Bring: drum, rattle, and towel
Location: 20 km away from Nuremberg (announcement by written or telephone registration)

Registration: Written under medturtle@yahoo.com or by Whatsapp  under 0043 664 3651857

We look forward to your interest.
aho mitakuye o'yasin
 Medicine Turtle

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