26.01.2018, 11:18 Uhr

Walid Azak – Newborn

Wann? 15.06.2018 18:30 Uhr

Wo? Kulturverein Tschocherl, Wurmsergasse 42, 1150 Wien AT
Wien: Kulturverein Tschocherl | A Nuclear World War could break out anytime…
The terror threat has never been so high…
Society is divided…
More and more people stand still on the left side of the escalator…
What is the solution?
A new birth
The second one man show of the charming and crazy Walid Azak (aka Newborn) is the “Weltanschauung” of a rapping and singing French Tunisian Viennese banker. Topics are hot, jokes on point and the purpose venerable: Heal the World! And start first with the Man in the Mirror!
“A stage monster”, Newborn´s Mother
“A smooth criminal”, Michael Jackson*
*What he would have said about Walid Azak if he was still alive
“Irresistible French accent”, Newborn´s Tinder Profile
Foto (c) Thomas Moser
Doors Open: 6:30
VVK: 12,-
AK: 15,-
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