20.03.2016, 17:31 Uhr

Frankenstein in Villach

Völkermarkt: Alpen-Adria-Gymnasium Völkermarkt | On March 4th, 2016 the classes 7A and 7B visited a theatre adaptation of Mary Shelley’s famous novel “Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus” with Ms Sagmeister and Ms Slanovc.
A mad professor, his daughter and the young scientist Frankenstein, who wants to marry his professor’s daughter, decide to overpower the gods and take the decision of life and death into their own hands. After the doctor’s amusing “last scene”, in which he shows us his talent in singing Katy Perry songs and the daughter convincing her fiancée to never experiment with life and death again, Frankenstein decides to become a regular doctor. Stumbling upon a dead man and meeting Igor the gravedigger, he decides to use both and fulfill the professor’s dream of creating life. In a stormy night, Frankenstein and Igor bring the creation, made up of various body parts, to life.
The TNT Theater Britain production was set up really well and the actors’ performance was great. However, the beginning and the end could have been a bit shorter. All in all, there was something enjoyable for almost everyone.
Nathalie Zeiss, 7B
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