Native Speakers in der Hauptschule Sattledt


Hurrah! Three extraordinary English lessons for all the pupils at our school!
It was on Thursday, January 9th, when three Native Speakers came to our classes! Ben, Lisa and Danielle were from Australia, Great Britain and the USA. They were very friendly and nice and told us a lot of interesting and even exciting stories about their homelands. Although they only spoke in their mother tongue “English” with us, we could understand them easily.
Furthermore, we played a great variety of funny games. We danced and we even performed our sketches and songs, for example the “Bubble gum song”! We laughed a lot and soon the lessons were over.
It was a really fantastic programme and in addition to that we had to speak English all the time; what a pleasure!
Finally we have to mention, that these additional English lessons were great fun and a nice experience and we would find it cool if the Native Speakers could visit us again!
(1st set English group, 4th form)

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