06.09.2016, 10:14 Uhr

O ven aca O go away

Wann? 06.09.2016 20:00 Uhr

Wo? Die Schöne, Kuffnergasse 7, 1160 Wien AT
Wien: Die Schöne | - Exhibtion by Aaron Moreno and Theresa Hattinger -

O alla O over here
O tomorrow O nunca
O müsli O frijoles
O night O dia
O bike O yagua
O aarmor O thehat
O bird O rayas
O gris O yellow
O sombra O sun
O perreo O waltz
O wheee O ñooo
O apple O coco
O lento O fast
O -15 O +35
O globalism O socialismo
O square O circulo
O pero porque O just because
O playa O lake
O round O plano
O lo piensas O you do it
O+ O-

Aaron Moreno is a visual artist from Cuba. He works in many different fields from videomappinga to printmaking. He is an art specialist at the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba in Havanna.

Theresa Hattinger is an illustrator and graphicdesigner from Austria. She is realising her own artistic projects as well as client works. She is currently studying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.
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