ACD-Partnerschaften für Globale Ziele: Fini Dance Festival in Villapiana/Italy


Report on visit of the Fini Dance Festival in Villapiana 2018 from ACD-president Tatjana Christelbauer:

Civilian actors in motion, enjoying art with greater purpose at the Antonio Fini Dance Festival in Villapiana, Calabria/Italy with the motto:

Civilian actors in motion for Sustainable Development Goals SDGs!

I have been invited as a guest of honour to join the festival and to announce the ACD-Ambassador Award for Antonio Fini within the festival ceremony in Altomonte, Calabria/IT where all students had opportunity to show what they have learned within the one, two-or three week participation in a Fini Dance Festival in Villapiana, Calabria and also to present their works within the compatition, in which I had opportunity to take part as one of the jury members.

The ancient thetre at the ancient hill town Altomonte where the performance ceremony took part has been fullfield with impressive energy, vitality and joy of dancers, their teachers, organizers and audiences who came to join the Festival ceremony from various regions and countries.
The programme was fullfilled with variety of dance styles, creations of youngsters to senior professionals and the Michel Mao Dance Company whose principal Atonio Fini have created the Fini Dance festival and hosted a large community for the last 8 years with sustainable development and improvement of the high quality engagement at all stages.
Local press has announced and reflected on the Festival as one of the most attractive international meetings in the region.

During the ceremony in Altomonte I have received an Award of Honour for engagement in the field of dance arts for Peace through Cultural Diplomacy.
Within the three days visit in Villapiana (July 20th-23rd 2018) I had opportunity to meet students from Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, USA, Albania, Slowenia, ... and to work with them in a twho-hours composition classes on modern dance sullabys, phonetic exercises and movement translations.
ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy ambassador for dance tours CD Antonio Fini have built remarcable and sustainable intercultural and international bridge through dance arts and have supported local and regional tourism through arts education, local, regional and international partnerships. Our cooperation will continue within the next years by educational exchange and support of activities throguh intercultural and multilingual Art education. We have set following priorities for active engagement toward improvement of the UN Global Goals, especially focussing on SDG5 and SDG15 (gender equality, peace and human rights), through quality education SDG4 from our civilian sector by providing of inclusive, intercultural and multilingual educational opportunities through dance arts for children, adults, teachers, seniors; creative language courses and interfaith dialogue through dance arts aiming to support the european integration and protection of the minoritiy languages as our common heritage. Further more, we will actively contribute to improvement of health and regional development through cooperation with local companies and corporations, providing our participants and audiences with high quality holistic art practices, local products, professional consultancy as well as by improving mobility through interregional excursions.
We look forward to our further cooperation and to welcome new partners, participants and supporters with gratitude to all who has contributed to our development and progress!

More about from italian article:

Vienna, July 24th 2018
Tatjana Christelbauer


Tatjana Christelbauer aus Landstraße


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